How do eGift Cards work?

eGift Cards are super convenient and easy to use. You simply make your purchase on our website www.SuperchargedE.com and the eGift card is emailed directly to your supplied email. Print or display this email on your smart device to our Guest Services upon arrival and use as payment.

Are you really the largest indoor multi-level karting track in the world?

Absolutely, and the best too! Our entire facility is an impressive 125,000 sq. ft. of thrill-seeking entertainment, with a massive 80,000 sq. ft. dedicated to our one-of-a-kind multi-level go kart track - all indoor and climate controlled for year-round fun.

What do we need to bring with us to participate?

You do not need to bring anything with you to participate, except friends and closed toe shoes for karting. We will provide everything you need, and even keep spare shoes on hand if you need those too. We have you covered from start to finish line.

Is there a membership fee?

As New England’s premier entertainment venue we believe in offering the ultimate experience from start to finish and every moment in-between. No membership or racing license required, just friends and fun times.

Why is a waiver required?

A waiver is required because of the high thrill experiences offered by Supercharged Entertainment’s one-of-a-kind venue. A waiver is required to participate in karting or Ninja Wipeout. Guests without a waiver may still visit our restaurant, bar, spectate, and play in the expansive gaming lounge.

Do I complete the waiver for myself or my child?

Everyone who will participate in an activity must have their own individual waiver on file. This means you must complete a waiver for your child and for yourself if you wish to participate in activities. When you complete a waiver for yourself you will sign for yourself. To complete a waiver for a minor, first complete one for yourself and then you will have the option to add a minor upon completion.

Who can sign a waiver for a minor?

Only the parent or legal guardian of said minor may sign their waiver. This feature is available on the website so if you are bringing along a minor for which you are not the parent or legal guardian, please have their parent or legal guardian complete and sign their waiver in person or via the website prior to arrival. To complete a waiver for a minor, the parent or guardian must first complete a waiver for themselves and then add the child as a minor.

Do I need a reservation?

Absolutely NOT. Online pre-booking is available but never required. We welcome walk-in guests.

Is a Driver’s License required?

A driver’s license is not required to race. However, we reserve the right to check for valid photo ID’s or drivers’ licenses to verify age and identity provided on the waiver.

Can I just show up and Race or Play?

Absolutely, walk-in guests are our most common guests and we love them. Pre-booking online via our website only helps you avoid extended wait times by holding your place in line.

What is a Racing Heat?

A racing heat is the term given to each individual race.

When I make a reservation how early should I arrive?

As stated in the Terms & Conditions you acknowledge when making an online booking you should arrive no less than 30 minutes prior to your reservation. Failure to do so may cause your reservation to be moved back to a later availability and increase your wait time.

When is the best time to come to avoid long lines?

Wait times are always subject to change based on volume. While this is not something we can predict, experience has shown that the best times to avoid a wait time are weekdays and early hours on the weekends. Given the immense size of our karting tracks we are able to accommodate much higher volume than any comparable karting facility and greatly reduce wait times. We also offer a one-stop-shop for entertainment offering you numerous activities to enjoy during your short wait time for your race. Pre-book for your race on our website and skip the line completely.

Which track is better?

It really is a personal preference. Both tracks are the same length with different challenges that cater to everyone’s skill level and need for speed. We encourage you to book a racing heat on both tracks and let us know which one you like most.

What is the Supertrack?

The Supertrack is our world-famous attraction that offers an unparalleled karting experience. We encourage everyone to try the Supertrack and drive on the largest indoor multi-level karting track in the world for themselves when we combine our two uniquely designed tracks into one single track with 80,000 sq. ft of fun.

Which track has the fastest karts?

The karts are the same on both tracks. Our state-of-the-art safety control system allows us to set the speed of each individual racing heat.

What’s the difference between Pro Speed and Semi-Pro Speed?

Pro speed is a more competitive pace for drivers with more driving skill. All Pro Speed drivers must be 4 foot 10 inches or taller. Semi-Pro allows drivers with less experience racing high end karts or driving experience to race a slightly reduced speed so long as they are 4 foot 10 inches or taller.

Is there a weight limit for karting?

Individuals weighing an excess of 300lbs will affect the performance of the kart.

How fast do the Karts go?

We do not share SuperCharged proprietary operational or technical details. Our karts speed meets go-karting industry standards. The experience at SuperCharged is unique and the kart speed has been designed to meet the technical track design we offer on our two quarter mile, multi-level tracks.

How long are the races?

Our races are formatted so that the best lap time wins the race. Each of these racing heats offer an intense 7-minute driving experience. Planning to purchase a racing bundle – then allow for approximately one half hour per racing heat.

Why is each race only 7 minutes?

Our races are within the industry standard of average kart race length and has to be accommodating of the track design and racing experience. Once you try it, you won’t be disappointed.

What is the cost of racing?

Current pricing can be found on our website on the KARTING page.

What are the special requirements for kids to race?

All drivers must meet the minimum race height of 4 foot 10 inches, have the ability to safely operate all vehicle controls and obey all safety directions. There is no minimum age requirement.

Can I bring my own helmet?

Yes, please do! We want you as comfortable as you can be. Supercharged does require the helmet to be full-face, with a working visor or goggles, and the helmet must be D.O.T approved. We only ask that you let us take a photo for our collection if your helmet is impressive enough to make the cut.

How many drivers can race at one time?

Drivers per race can range from 1 up to 14 on a normal day utilizing an individual quarter mile track. Supertrack days, featuring our ½ mile raceway, can accommodate as many as 28 drivers. Supercharged reserves the right to increase or decrease those numbers based on driver safety.

Do you have two-seater karts?

Our two-seater karts are available Monday-Friday (with the exception of weekday holidays) in Semi-pro heats. Passengers must be at least 4 feet tall and the driver must be 18 years of age or older. While our track is designed to maximize the racing thrill based on single-seater karts we do maintain a small fleet of double seater karts. So, while occupancy per heat is limited for our double seater karts, we strive to ensure everyone is able to enjoy the thrill of driving on the largest indoor multi-level karting track in the world. We highly encourage guests seeking use of the double-seater karts to plan their visit accordingly and allow for an extended wait time.

Do I have to do all races on the day I buy them?

No, you do not. When you purchase a racing heat the racing credit goes onto your individual account. It will remain there until we schedule the race for you. Once scheduled you must complete that race or return to Guest Services prior to that race starting in order to have the racing credit returned to your personal account. This is why there is so much value in buying one of the multiple race bundles. Buy 10 races today, schedule 3, and save the other 7 for another date, and save money on both visits!

Advantages over gasoline powered karts?

High speed all electric go-karts offer a cleaner, no gas fume odor to their counterpart, gasoline karts. They are also quieter, require less maintenance, and are better for the environment. More torque is available with all electric go-karts and you do not lose any of the racing thrill or speed recognized from the older gasoline models.

What is Ninja Wipeout?

Ninja Wipeout is our own unique concept offering a one-of-a-kind attraction of unparalleled fun for any age. This is not just any ordinary obstacle arena! With elements that are both challenging and fun, this concept was designed for all out-family fun while still presenting a challenge for our more fitness inclined guests. You simply must experience it for yourself as we debut this innovative concept to the world.

Can I walk around and check the place out?

Yes, and we highly recommend it. If you go upstairs, you can view our awesome Ninja Wipeout course and get the best view of the largest indoor multi-level karting track in the world. Downstairs is the Thirsty Beaver Pub & Grub and expansive Gaming Lounge. Once you decide to participate, complete your waiver and Guest Services will be waiting to help schedule your activities.

Why do I need to give you my email address or cell phone?

Glad you asked. We take your personal information and privacy very seriously. Your personal information obtained during gift card purchases, or other online purchases from our online shop, is only shared with outside parties necessary for completing the purchase and delivering to you your order as requested. This information may include customer’s complete name, email address, phone number, mailing address, and credit/debit card information. Customer information provided to opt-in for Supercharged email, whether submitted online, through a third party’s contest, or in person, is only used for Supercharged marketing purposes. Emails, customer names, and other information provided will never be sold or given to any other parties for solicitations or marketing unrelated to Supercharged. Customers may opt-out from the email distribution at any time by unsubscribing at the bottom of the email. As part of our exclusive offers to you we will send your race results at the conclusion of each race via your provided email. We send out a monthly newsletter, which includes exclusive promotional offers, updates, and special event information, and we will also send out via email, your FREE birthday race as our own gift to you each year. Your phone number is collected as a means to personally identify your account and validate your identity. We will also use this to send you notification of your scheduled races. You may unsubscribe at anytime from receiving these race notification texts.

What are the requirements for the Trampoline Court or Ninja Wipeout?

To participate on the trampolines there is no minimum height or age requirement. All participants must be able to jump on their own unassisted and follow instructions given by court marshals. A waiver must be on file and anyone entering the trampoline courts or Ninja Wipeout must have an authorizing wristband purchased from Guest Services and Supercharged approved Ninja Jump socks. Additional safety requirements are posted at the entrance to the Ninja Wipeout Arena and must be obeyed at all times.

Why do I have to use your socks?

Our customized Ninja Jump or Ninja Wipeout socks have friction pads on the lower surface and are especially designed to optimize your experience and safety.

What is the Thirsty Beaver?

The Thirsty Beaver is the Pub & Grub style full service restaurant and bar featured at Supercharged Entertainment. Offering a stylish and vibrant Appalachian cabin vibe and a delicious menu offering upscale pub fare. Be sure to visit the tree bark bar and enjoy one of their beers on tap or signature cocktails. “The Beav” is the perfect place to meet friends and family to watch the big game, grab a quick lunch or hearty dinner. Be sure to join us for weekend brunch or one of our special weekday deals.

Can I bring in outside food or beverage?

Because we offer such an amazing selection of quality food and beverage in house, we do not allow any outside food or drink. Coolers are prohibited. If you have booked a birthday party with us, you are allowed to bring in a birthday cake or cup cakes to serve to your party guests. Ice cream cakes are prohibited, but don’t worry, we welcome you bringing in your DD coffee, and if you want to bring one for us, we welcome that too.

Does Supercharged Entertainment offer birthday parties?

Not only do we offer birthday parties, we are the best at it. Supercharged Entertainment offers something for everyone with our premier birthday party offerings. Our birthday party packages are available for guests aged 15 and older. Private parties are also available for guests by contacting one of our talented Private Event coordinators by emailing Events@SuperchargedE.com or calling (774) 847-9010 x 101.

How do I get information on birthday parties?

All the information you need for your birthday party questions is available on our informative website, however we welcome answering any questions you may have during regular business hours. You may call us at (774) 847-9010 to speak with one of our talented Event Coordinators. Birthday parties may be booked on our website 24/7.

Why should I choose Supercharged Entertainment for my party?

Supercharged Entertainment is dedicated to offering safe, fun and affordable parties for all to enjoy. We recognize that every birthday party should be an amazing experience for everyone involved. To provide the ultimate fun filled experience, we create a stress-free service, from start to finish line. You can book a party any time online by visiting our website.

How long do I need to book birthday parties in advance?

Our system requires 2 weeks advanced notice to book a party. If you have any questions, please contact one of your talented Party Coordinators by calling (774) 847-9010.

How do I learn about Corporate Events/ Large parties?

We have information available on our website, however we welcome connecting you with one of our brilliant Event Coordinators. They can be reached by calling (774) 847-9010 x 101 or emailing Events@SuperchargedE.com

Do you have group rates?

Yes, please contact one of our Event Coordinators by calling (774) 847-9010 x 101 or emailing Events@SuperchargedE.com.

Can I rent out Supercharged Entertainment?

Yes, please contact one of our Event Coordinators by calling (774) 847-9010 x 101 or emailing Events@SuperchargedE.com.