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Bachelor / Bachelorette

And other wedding events

With a wedding coming up you've probably got a lot to do, we're here to help. For a stress-free fun bachelor/bachelorette party that your whole I DO Crew will enjoy or a rehearsal dinner like no other, we've designed all-in-one packages so you can just show up and celebrate! Plus, no need to worry about the "wedding tax" here, we won't charge an extra $200 for your Aunt Melinda's vegan-gluten free dinner. Request a Quote


Wedding parties are typically comprised of closest family and friends, it's our job at Supercharged Entertainment to show them all an amazing time! With a variety of activities, delicious pub fare, and inspired cocktails, all of your favorite people are going to have a blast at your bachelor/bachelorette party.

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Party Activity WAIVER

Don't waste precious party time! You and all your guests can fill out activity waivers before arriving so that you can walk through the doors and straight into the fun times.

Please read:

Adult completing waiver for self:
Input all fields and then sign with your finger or click and drag with your mouse cursor. Signatures must be legible.

Adult completing waiver for a minor:
Adult (parent or legal guardian) must begin by following instructions above to create an account for themselves, then add a minor to their waiver. Be sure to hit “SAVE” and “SUBMIT” to complete.

A waiver is required to participate. Guests without a waiver may still visit our restaurant, bar, spectate, and play in the expansive gaming lounge.

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