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8 Fun Ideas For Your Winter Bucket List

November 22, 2019

8 fun ideas that belong on your winter bucket list.

#1: Actually have a winter bucket list.

In many parts of the country, autumn is still in full swing, with gorgeous fall foliage and lovely crisp nights. But here in New England, we all know what’s coming.

Those multi-colored leaves coating our yards — no matter how much we rake! — will soon be covered in white. And if the thought of another season of polar vortices and “snowmageddons” has you dreading the months ahead, it might be time to put the winter to better use this year.

Start by sitting down with your kids. Together, write out a bucket list of fun indoor activities you want to experience when the days are shorter, darker and colder.

#2: Unplug from digital distractions.

Outside, everything’s covered in white. Inside, everything’s bathed in the eerie blue light of digital devices. Sound familiar? This winter, pull the plug on extended sessions of social media, gaming and Netflix. Instead, spend more time doing things together with your kids. Need a few suggestions?

#3. Let everyone have their day.

We don’t have to tell you that no two family members are alike. One kid’s “this is awesome!” is another’s “when will this be over?”

Tell each family member they’ll have one day a month to choose something for the whole family to do. That ensures everyone buys into the bucket list, and exposes them to new activities.

Another option: Take the whole family to a place that has something for everyone. Supercharged Entertainment on Route 1 in Wrentham is a good example. It has high-speed go karts for adults and older kids, a Ninja course for ‘tweens, trampolines for the young ones, and a full restaurant for that end-of-day rendezvous.

#4. Beat the kids at their own game. Or at least try.

Have a kid who likes gaming? Thought so. Challenge him or her to a game, preferably on neutral ground. That means getting out of the house and into a gaming lounge. Many communities have one. Supercharged has one of the largest and newest lounges in New England.

#5. Change up your workout.

Working out in winter means getting passed all the wintertime excuses. It’s cold. It’s dark. It’s snowy. It’s . . . impossible!

Motivate yourself by finding fun and different ways to exercise. Instead of 30 minutes on a bike, spend five minutes on a trampoline! In place of lifting weights, lift yourself (and your kids) through Supercharged’s Ninja course. Working out can be fun, even in the dead of winter.

#6: Throw a winter party.

Celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, New Year’s . . . or just, winter. Hosting a party is a great way to show how much you really appreciate your friends and family.

Of course, you can have the party at your house, but be careful. Winter weather means you probably won’t be hanging out by the pool, on the deck, or next to the barbeque grill. If your house can’t handle a crowd, consider having it at a fun location instead. Venues like Supercharged have planners on staff to make everything from prep to clean-up a lot easier.

#7: Make snow ice cream.

Hey, when life gives you lemons . . . .

1 cup milk
1/3 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 pinch salt
8 cups clean snow or shaved ice

Mix first four ingredients. Add snow, stirring until the mixture is fluffy, not runny. Serve fast, with lots of sprinkles.

#8. Slow down and catch up with family.

Summer lives in the passing lane. Winter takes is slow. With fewer outdoor activities, we have more time to catch our breath and savor what we have. Take advantage of it. Catch up with the loved ones who raced passed you and out the door all summer long.

Make a date to see a movie, or binge watch a few at home.

Cook a few meals together. Or make plans for a fun family meal out. Keep it casual (Supercharged has a great family pub, The Thirsty Beaver). Keep it fun (create a pizza no one’s ever had before). And keep making time for each other all winter long (Friday night is family night!).

These are just eight ways to cure cabin fever, but there are countless more. So make a list – call it your 2019-20 Winter Bucket List – and don’t let your family’s fun be limited by pages on the calendar.