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Supercharged fun for the whole family

July 30, 2019

(yes, it’s actually possible!).

You click on your smartphone’s weather app for the weekend forecast, and before you can say ”TGIF,” there it is: Highs in the 90s with humidity to match. Or, wet and miserable all weekend long.

Don’t worry – it can still be a great weekend. That’s because the area now has a humongous, climate-controlled entertainment center with something for Mom, Dad, and all the kids.

Supercharged Entertainment ( is 125,000 square feet of first-of-a-kind attractions, including:

  • The WORLD’S LARGEST, multi-level, indoor go kart supertrack
  • A Ninja Wipeout obstacle course straight out of TV’s American Ninja
  • An indoor trampoline park
  • Dunk basketball courts
  • A huge video arcade area
  • A full-sized dodgeball court
  • Full restaurant and bar, and more.

Supercharged is located at 591 Washington Street (Route 1) in Wrentham.

Having so many attractions under one roof means parents don’t have to spend valuable weekend hours driving from one location to the next. Plus, it gives them an opportunity to spend time with their kids in ways that are fun for everyone.

To race on the go kart supertrack, all you need are closed-toed shoes. Supercharged provides all the gear and instruction. The only rule? Riders must be at least 4’10 tall and have signed, or have a Waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Meet the Foleys

Travis, 15, Chris, 11, and Kelly, 6, visited Supercharged recently with their parents, Don and Diane.

Travis spent most of his day on the go kart track, flying through the 80,000-square-foot, elevated supertrack. Each 7-minute race is strictly limited to no more than 14 karts, so Travis had plenty of room to drive. Between races, he hung out in the gaming lounge. His favorite game? Halo.

Eleven-year-old Chris split his day between supercharged karting and the Ninja Wipeout Arena upstairs. His favorite part of the Ninja course? (Aside from the Wipeout Wheel, titling ladders, and Gecko walls…) Trying to make it through the dynamic warped walls, Chris said.

And 6-year-old Kelly? She spent most of her time bouncing around Supercharged’s Trampoline Zone. The area features 42 trampolines of various sizes, including a section reserved for little toddlers. When she wasn’t doing tricks, she was playing in the Supercharged gaming lounge.

Dad started the day on the massive go kart Supertrack with sons Travis and Chris, then found a seat at The Thirsty Beaver – Supercharged’s full-service restaurant and bar – to watch a game.

Mom – she did it all! Go karts, trampolines, video games, even the dunk basketball court, before joining Don for a late lunch at The Thirsty Beaver.

So, are you planning for this weekend or just looking forward to it?

There’s a big difference. We all look forward to weekends – “four more days, three more days, two . . . “ – but we don’t always plan to make the most of it. With concept venues like Supercharged Entertainment, it’s easy to plan ahead, so you spend more time enjoying the weekend with family, rather than wondering what you’ll do with it when it’s here.

Reservations are never required at Supercharged. But soon, you’ll be able to pre-book your fun online, if you prefer. With pre-booking, you won’t have to wait for your race, or your time on the trampolines or Ninja Wipeout. Just show up and go!

Want to book your whole day in advance? Supercharged will be offering discounted bundles online, too.