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How team building can shape a better business

September 4, 2019

Your company’s business is humming on all cylinders – productivity is up, new business is booming, there’s a buzz about your company inside and outside the office – and you just want to keep the good vibes going. To celebrate your success, why not plan a fun team outing or team building exercise to further build company togetherness.

Here are four reasons team building works.

Working side by side eight hours a day, every day, for 50 weeks a year means you’re already a team, right? Wrong. You don’t hire a team, you build one. And the results can be amazing:

Team building builds trust.

Trust is not only calming, it’s a time saver. Trust is foundational. When a team has a foundation of trust, there’s less second guessing, less duplication of tasks, a high level of confidence, and more sharing.

Team building builds communication.

Even with a foundation of trust, things can and will go awry. A team that has a process for communicating will be able to solve problems before they burrow

their way into your team culture. Part of team building should also be to clear the way for recognizing and navigating more complex issues that may be project driven, rather than just the result of a personality clash.

Team building builds collaboration.

Collaboration is much easier in an environment where there’s trust and good communication. When team members understand each other’s roles and responsibilities and respect them, it’s fun to collaborate. This makes everyone better. Sharing ideas is easier. Brainstorming is encouraged and respected. And the more you successfully collaborate, the more you’ll want to.

Team building builds motivation.

Keeping a team motivated relies on members believing in their mission. You won’t stay motivated if you don’t believe in the work you’re doing. Engagement plays a huge part in this. When you create a culture of engagement, people feel vested in their company and their work. So engagement and motivation go hand in hand. Team building can improve both.

“Let’s try paintball,” you said. “They’ll love it,” you said.

Truth is, every company at some time or another could benefit from team building activities. (Smart ones invest in them on a regular basis!) The trick is to find activities that appeal to as many employees as possible. After all, everyone has a different idea of fun.

Maybe you tried some team building in the past, and it wasn’t a good experience. Sometimes, activities as mainstream as paintball can disintegrate into all-out war. Not the team building you had in mind.

So what’s next? Axe throwing?

Four tips for a better team building event.

Get out of your comfort zone.

The point of team building is to push your team forward, not fall back on the same-old practices. Ditch the company picnic, the conference room pizzas. New

habits come from trying new things – things that push team members to interact in new and different ways.

Here’s an idea: Give employees a helmet, a high-intensity go-kart, and let them race each other at a venue like Supercharged Entertainment on Route 1 in Wrentham. This new 125,000-square-foot facility has the world’s largest indoor multi-level karting track. It’ll get their hearts racing . . . and build comradery with every high-speed lap.

Find a venue with something for everyone.

In addition to go karting, Supercharged Entertainment has a Ninja Wipeout arena. This first-of-its-kind obstacle course – with Gecko Walls, Warped Walls, Zig-Zag Steps and those famous giant Wipeout Balls – makes team building fun! They can also bounce over to the Trampoline Zone, or dunk over other team members at the Dunk Court, before meeting up at Supercharged’s full restaurant and bar, The Thirsty Beaver.

Save the company speeches.

Don’t make your outing feel like a day at the office. Resist the temptation to work in company messages, leadership skills, or in some way generate a tangible ROI you can take back to the CFO. The real return: Spending time together and sharing an experience that allows bonding to happen more organically are far more effective.

Take bonding back to the office.

The event’s over. Everyone’s left happy and recharged. Team building is over, right? Wrong.

Without an ongoing commitment to building strong and open bonds with and between your employees, the benefits of team building will last a long as bagels at a breakfast meeting. Encourage team members to keep the lines of communication open – both with each other and with management. And be sure they feel valued for their skills and ideas. That way, they’re more likely stay with the company, and contribute for years to come.

So, are there signs that your company could benefit from team building? Reach out to for help designing your next team building event.