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Experience Gifts Help You Make Memories

October 22, 2019

Make Memories with Experience Gifts

“What was your favorite gift this year?”

How many times have you asked that to your son, daughter, niece or nephew? Maybe they remember a big-ticket item, like a computer, a smartphone, or Xbox. But it’s just as likely that they remember nothing at all. Nothing . . . despite all your planning and shopping and spending.

Why? Because too often, we end up buying for the sake of buying. Of course, our intentions are good. We want to give gifts that are fun and useful. But as the shopping list gets longer and the shopping season winds down, it’s easy to fall back on tried-and-true items like toys or clothes.

A holiday of things soon becomes a houseful of stuff.

The average 10-year-old in the developed world owns 238 toys – and likely play regularly with just 12 of them. Then there’s the clothes: The average family spends $1,700 on clothes annually, but gives away or donates over 200 pounds of them a year.

To be sure, holidays aren’t the only causes of this crisis of clutter, but they’re a big part of it.

Big picture: Most of these items will, one day, wind up in landfills. Toys and games and bikes and clothes will fill more than our garages; they’ll consume vital space on our planet, too.

This year, try filling space in a heart, a memory, or a photo album instead.

Interestingly, researchers have found that a person’s joy with material gifts diminishes over time. Even the nicest phone or hottest toy becomes commonplace as we get used to it. But special occasions and experiences? Our memories of those times seem to grow fonder with time.

Several research studies have concluded that shared family time and experiences have even more important long-term benefits, like:

  • closer family bonding
  • fewer behavioral problems in children
  • a stronger sense of identity
  • a sense of security for children
  • higher rates of academic success

Sure, that’s a lot to ask of a holiday gift! And no one’s saying to ditch the wrapping paper and only give experiences this holiday. Still, replacing a few store-bought gifts with some cool experiences is worth considering.

Here’s a bonus: Experiences turn out to be a great gift for you, too. It can mean quality time with your kids – or a welcome respite during that long holiday break from school.

Do experience gifts have to be exotic (i.e., expensive)?

We’re not talking African safaris, Caribbean cruises, or tickets to the Super Bowl here. Experiences can be affordable. Just be creative. Need inspiration? Consider gifting a day with us! Here at Supercharged Entertainment in Wrentham, our multi-level indoor karting track is the world’s largest, and great for kids and adults alike. Or, give the gift of experiencing our Ninja Wipeout obstacle course and Trampoline Zone – a fun and unique experience for ALL ages!

Shopping for experience gifts is easier, too.

No midnight mall crawls on Black Friday. No website glitches on Cyber Monday. Most experiences can be purchased conveniently online. For instance, our gift cards are always available at, and they start at just $25.

Start an experience tradition.

Even if you’ve already purchased gifts for this year, consider adding some experiences as well, or slowly transitioning to more experience-based gifts over the next few years. The family time and memories are worth so much more than gifts, and statistically speaking, giving experiences may help reduce your stress levels and contribute to family bonding.

Not to mention, gift experiences can be a whole lot more fun to unwrap!