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Kart Racing Leagues

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Six Weeks • Three races per week • Weekly challenges and prizes

Supercharged Kart Racing Leagues offer the incredible opportunity to participate in competitive races with similarly skilled drivers on the world's largest indoor multi-level karting facility! During our six week sessions, participants compete in three weekly races for the chance to take home a trophy, bragging rights, and other prizes.

League Benefits:

18 kart racing heats each
25% discount on single races on league nights prior to league
Compete against equally skilled drivers
One free Supertrack race for all league members at the end of the session
Race at Elite League Speed (only available in kart racing leagues)
Designated League Speed practice nights
And more!


We have a division for every skill level!
Drivers will be grouped into divisions based on their times in the first three weeks
Week 1: Qualifying, Week 2: Open brackets, Week 3-6: Divisional races


Scores for each night will based off your two best races of the three that you will compete in. Scoring will begin on week 4 when the final divisions are set!:

1st place: 10 points • 2nd pace: 8 points • 3rd place: 7 points • 4th place: 5 points • 5th place: 4 points • 6+ place: 3 points

If a driver doesn’t complete at least one timed lap during either of their weekly heats, zero points will be awarded for that week of competition. If on the same night there is a tie, the racer with the next fastest lap time claims the greater point value. If at the end of the session there is a point tie, the driver with the fastest lap time of the session wins.

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From beginner to expert, we have divisions for all skill levels!

With a range of drivers from beginner to expert, knowledgeable staff, and designated practice nights, Supercharged Racing Leagues is the best way to take your karting skills to the next level.


Reserve your spot for just $100 down.

Racing Leagues

Monday OR Wednesday $275
Monday AND Wednesday $450
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  1. All drivers must be at least 4’10” tall to participate.
  2. All participants must have a signed waiver on file. Minors must have a guardian signed waiver on file.
  3. Any altering of the karts performance by any competitor will lead to a minimum 2-week suspension up to removal from the current or future league competition without refund.
  4. Pit Stop Policy: All racers are allowed to pit and swap karts at any time, but timer does not stop.
  5. Tire Blow Policy: All racers must come to a complete stop; timer will be paused until driver is set with replacement kart placed into starting position and completes first lap.
  6. Transponder Policy: All racers must come to a complete stop; timer will be paused until driver is set with replacement kart placed into starting position and completes first lap.
  7. Missed Heat Policy: If for any reason you miss your heat time (please note this is scheduled by best estimated time, but will be taken by heat number) you forfeit that racing heat. It will not be refunded or rescheduled for any reason.
  8. Timing system will be started after the first kart released from the pit completes the warm-up lap.
  9. Drivers under age 15 must qualify before the start of the session to be eligible for participation by meeting minimum lap time requirements for Pro-Speed racing heats.
  10. Flag Policy: All racers must observe direction of flaggers, if a driver observed not following flagger instructions twice in one night, driver’s speed will be penalized for one lap at the flaggers discretion.
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A waiver is required because of the high thrill experiences offered by Supercharged Entertainment’s one-of-a-kind venue. A waiver is required to participate in karting or Ninja Wipeout. Guests without a waiver may still visit our restaurant, bar, spectate, and play in the expansive gaming lounge.

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