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5 reasons gift cards are the perfect present: 2020 edition.

November 17, 2020

This year, buying holiday gifts is even more challenging than ever. After all, what do you get for the person who only wants 2020 to end? Luckily, there’s something that will please almost everyone on your list: gift cards.

Since you can purchase them online and have them delivered virtually, you’ll stay safe and comfy at home. This way you can avoid the malls, large crowds, and people outside your pod.

1. Gift cards crush wish lists.

Those little plastic and virtual cards are always welcome, and this year they are even more desirable than ever before — a whopping 54% of people put them on their I-want list this holiday season.

Gift cards appear on the majority of gift lists.  Demand has dipped slightly — 54% of consumers want a gift card for this holiday season, down from 59% in 2019, according to data from the National Retail Federation (NRF) 2020 Holiday Consumer Survey.

2. It’s a gift they won’t return.

While most people have wonderful memories of tearing open a beautifully wrapped box and seeing what’s inside, during a pandemic, this just doesn’t have the same appeal. Especially if the gift doesn’t hit the mark. Who wants to schlep into a store to return or exchange unwanted items, especially if they have to do it by January 31? With gift cards, that’s not even a concern.

3. Recipients pick what they want, when they want it.

Send gift cards and you’ll show your friends and loved ones just how much you care about them— and their safety. What you’re really gifting them is the flexibility to get exactly what they want on their timeline, whenever they feel ready and safe. In Massachusetts, gift cards can’t expire until a minimum of seven years from the date of purchase, and Supercharged Entertainment gift cards never expire. That’s plenty of time to safely redeem them for whatever their hearts desire.

4. Gift cards are a gift for you, too.

While you want to delight your friends and family with presents that make them happy, do you really want to go to the store, roam the aisles, and then search for a sales clerk to help you? This isn’t an issue with gift cards since you purchase them online. Plus, you can choose to have them emailed to everyone on your list with a thoughtful message, so you can be socially distanced and socially correct.

5. You can be generous and stay within your budget.

One unfortunate side effect of COVID-19 is that it’s left many of us with slimmer wallets and less money to spend on gifts. With gift cards, you can stay within your means and comfort zone while still offering something that your friends and family actually want to receive.

Even better, gift cards can make your holiday dollars go farther. That’s because many companies offer bonus amounts on gift card purchases; the higher the gift card’s value, the more bonus dollars you receive.

Supercharged Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Scoring a great Black Friday or Cyber Monday bargain is downright thrilling — especially when it’s a gift that your recipient will love. Leave it to Supercharged Entertainment, one of New England’s newest, largest, and most adrenaline-inducing entertainment venues, to offer a promotion with up to 40% more bangs, thrills, and memories for your buck.

Buy gift cards online from Black Friday (11/27) to Cyber Monday (11/30) and you’ll get:

  • A free $40 gift card when you buy a $100 gift card
  • A free $15 gift card when you buy a $50 gift card.

And those lucky recipients can use their gift cards toward the Supercharged activities of their choice:

  • Tear around the world’s largest multi-level indoor go kart track.
  • Test their skills on the Ninja Wipeout Course.
  • Reach new heights at Trampoline Zone.
  • Challenge themselves at the gaming lounge.
  • Grab a slide in the Gourmet Pizza Cafe.

Best of all, when you send a Supercharged Entertainment gift card, you’ll be gifting something that will last long after the holidays: wonderful memories of an incredible experience. Who wouldn’t want that?