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A whole new year, a brand new you? 8 Items for your New Year’s Bucket List.

February 9, 2021

Most New Year’s resolutions are pretty standard. So, as we welcome in 2021, let’s look at some new things we can do to not only bid farewell to 2020, but turn over a new leaf in this calendar year!  Let’s call it – a new year… a new you!

1. Try one new thing each month.

Spending more time at home? Use it to try new things!

This year, let’s all resolve to do a whole lot more than lose weight and save money. Let’s gain new skills — ones that’ll last a lot longer than the usual New Year’s resolutions.

Try a new recipe. Better yet, an entirely new way of cooking. Smoke a brisket. Discover air frying. Make a soufflé. Try the InstaPot.

Discover your hometown. Catch a commuter train or the subway and discover a Boston neighborhood you’ve never been to.

Join a league. Supercharged Entertainment, for example, has karting racing leagues for drivers of all skill levels. Leagues feature three heats a week for six weeks.

2. Become a foodie.

And no, we don’t mean take more pics of your food. Hit local farmer’s markets. Go to farms in your area. Skip the supermarket for locally grown and raised foods. Move beyond your comfort zone with the foods you prepare, not just how you shop. It can even be as simple as asking your grandmother for her recipes.

3. Grow something.

It doesn’t take acres of land. Sometimes, all it takes is a windowsill. Having a garden of any size grows your appreciation for the wonder of nature. It’s empowering. Rewarding. And tons of fun! Plus, growing your own healthy food helps with that oldie-but-goodie resolution: Eating healthy!

4. Shop at a new local store.

All businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic; local businesses most of all. So the next time you venture out – to shop, eat, or just have fun – make it a point to choose a local business. The future of our cities and towns may, quite literally, depend on it.

Supercharged Entertainment in Wrentham, for example, is locally owned and operated, and offers the world’s largest multi-level indoor karting track, as well as a Ninja Wipeout course and a full-service grubpub, The Thirsty Beaver.

5. Reconnect with friends.

What we’ve learned over the last year or so, is that you can connect with friends and family over Zoom — and it works. So, just because a friend lives across town, across the country, or even the world, you can still set up regular get-togethers. Then, later this year, you’ll be able to set up those lunches, meet for cocktails, or just get together for fun.

Coincidentally, here at Supercharged Entertainment, you can do all three!

6. Spend more quality time with family.

You’ve had your fair share of time with family these past several months, but hasn’t it been memorable? In 2021, resolve to plan special family activities that are smart, safe and most of all, fun.

May we suggest Supercharged Entertainment. In addition to creating an environment that meets or exceeds all COVID protocols, we offer world-class activities that will keep the whole family happy — from high-speed karting and a massive Trampoline Zone to a one-of-a-kind Ninja Wipeout course.

7.  Find a cause and support it.

Yes, we all talk about wanting to volunteer, but so many of us don’t quite commit. This is the year! Foster a pet. Become a Big Brother or Big Sister. Check in on an elderly neighbor regularly to be sure she’s ok. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we’re a lot more connected to each other, and reliant upon each other, than we may have thought.

8. Make and record memories.

Streaming movies is great entertainment, but talking to grandparents, uncles or just cool people and learning their stories is even more fun — and it’s true. Film them with your phone, or simply write their stories down so you can pass them on to your kids. Real life is definitely more amazing than anything movies can deliver.

Of course, when it comes to making memories, no smart phone is required. Just a short trip down to Supercharged Entertainment, New England’s largest venue for insane indoor fun.